Why People Are Going Gaga Over This Quirky Design of Skull Jewelry

Skulls are considered the oldest and powerful symbols which are familiar to humans. This is the primary reason as to why they have evolved into the fashion line-up. They are trending among all the forms of designer pieces. Some of the most common things where you may get a skull embossed are the engagement rings and button rings.

Some women prefer them over everything. Men have embraced them like no other because it is the biggest representation of masculinity. Everyone has their different reasons for wearing them. However, there are some general reasons as to why they are the chosen ones. Read on to find out.

Celebrating Life

In the ancient times, the Aztecs and the Egyptians visualized the skull as the basic symbol of rebirth and death. All types of Skull Jewelry were adopted by the Aztecs and the Egyptians during the celebrations. It is this historical relevance that bears testament to the popularity of such jewelry.

It is synonymous with the celebration of life and also represents transformation and rebirth. The various mysteries and stories associated with it often provide the impetus for people to purchase the jewelry. People try to incorporate these kinds of accessories to signify happiness in one’s own life.

Bravery and Toughness

During the Elizabethan Period in ancient Europe acceptance of people in the underworld was represented by “head skull. The symbolism of the Skull Jewelry was inspiring to many who, during rebellious activities wore it.

Some groups would represent their clans and membership to a particular group with the help of skull accessories. Some wear it as a testimony to their bravery, gallantness, and courage. Men prefer them the most because they feel it displays their inner strength and masculinity.

Trendy and Appealing

The most of them who choose to wear skull embossed jewelry wear them simply because of the fashion appeal it possesses. Some select them by diamonds or gemstones engraved onto them. The whole trend of the skulls has been accepted wholeheartedly.

They were initially welcomed too with open arms too, and with the increasing popularity, most designers are preparing replicas of them with various other designs. They are also being integrated with other designs to create one-of-a-kind statement accessories. Crossbones, snakes, butterflies, and crosses are being mixed and matched with skulls to create new designs.

Versatility and Flamboyance

The versatility is one of the main reasons in additions to other causes stated above as to why they are preferred. Other plans are creatively integrated into the skull designs to make it even more unique. There are so many people around the globe who are sporting the style. They are even pairing it with other forms of accessories. Some are teaming up the quirky designs with their favorite garments.

The flexibility of this design is very much apparent in the current times. It is one of the most fashionable and attractive structures. It is more than just everyday jewelry meant for the bold. With the widespread popularity, it has it can be assumed that they shall remain a popular trend.